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Six Guns v1.1.8 APK+DATA Full Android Mod Unlimited (Multiplayer)

Six-Guns v1.1.8 PLAY GOOGLE.

Freely explore an open world set in Arizona and Oregon full of events,

mystery and challenges for you to discover as you become completely

immersed in the story and the action. But don’t be fooled by this land’s

beauty - outlaws, vampires & many other unnatural foes lurk in every


Take on 40 missions with a great variety of tasks for you to overcome.

You’ll race horses, take out robbers, fend off waves of enemies and more

along the way!

In this kill-or-be-killed land, you’ll need to unlock all 8 different horses, 19 weapons and a wide selection of clothes, ammo and other items to help you

on your adventure.

Free games have never been this deep or fun! It costs you nothing to

download and play the game to the end!

For fans of FPS, action games, shooting games, action games free Android games.

What's New
It’s time to see who the Fastest Gun is, thanks to a new Multiplayer mode!
That and much mo…

Fishing Paradise 3D v1.1.1.6 APK Armv-6 Full

Fishing Paradise 3D v1.1.1.6 PLAY GOOGLE.

Ever dream of owning your own lakes? Well now you can! Start with a plot

of land and then turn your site into a Fishing Paradise! stock and breed

your favourite species, invite friends and more.

Travel to 14 beautiful 3D rendered locations from around the world. Catch saltwater fish in Hawaii or hunt for the monsters of the Mekong river.

From bass and pacu to stingray and giant catfish. Catch the widest variety

of the rarest species ever seen in a fishing game. To catch them all you'll

need both skill and a little luck. Hold on tight!

Compete with players from around the globe for prizes. With lots of

different tournaments to enter, who will be No.1?

Working closely with a fishing legend has helped us create a fishing game

with unrivalled realism and action. Each fish has its own attributes such as strengt…

WWE John Cenas Fast Lane v1.0.1 APK+DATA Full Android Download

WWEJohn Cenas Fast Lane v1.0.1 PLAY GOOGLE.

You’re a young racer, crushing the quarter-mile, with your sights set on

being the best in the world. As it happens, your driving impresses none

other than John Cena, WWE Superstar and muscle car enthusiast, who

takes you under his wing – passing on knowledge he learned during his

years behind the wheel.

You’ll challenge opponents in cities from across the United States, including shadowy figures from Cena’s racing past who are bent on winning by any

means necessary. Master the art of shifting and upgrade your whip with powerful add-ons as you drive yourself to victory.

In the end, only one person can truly say, “THE CHAMP IS HERE.”

Will it be you?

Upgrade engines, tires, transmissions and turbo chargers.

Customize your car with NOS, decals, paint, groundFX and rims, then

share photos of your ride on Facebook.

Level up to unlock 6 different vehicles, each with its own power profiles,

gearbox ratios and ride.

Face mor…

Pool Break Pro v2.3 APK Full Android Download Free

Pool Break Pro v2.3 PLAY GOOGLE.

Pool Break Features Include:
Over a dozen games packed into one app
Supports Online Cross-Platform Multiplayer Gaming
Supports online chat
Play online with Facebook Friends (needs Facebook App)
Play against the computer with four difficulty levels
Pass-n-Play mode
Very Realistic Pool and Snooker Physics
Pan and Zoom and Slow Motion modes
Free View and First Person View
Regular or Hexagonal tables
Allows Curve and Masse shots and full English
Intuitive User Interface
Built-in Help Manuals explain how to play
View statistics and achievements
Hours of fun

What's New
Updated Stats and Achievements
Resume Last Game
One-Cushion billiards
Addressed online play issues
Updated Facebook connectivity
bug fixes
Earlier Version:
Fixed Force Close during orientation changes when game ends
Memory leak fixed

Required Android 2.3.3 and Higher.

Download APK:

Download APK Here: 4.3MB

Download APK:
Download APK Here: 4.3MB 

Download APK:


Download APK Here: 4.3MB

Temple Run Brave v1.5 APK Full Android Download Free

Temple Run: Bravev1.5 PLAY GOOGLE.

New features just for Temple Run: Brave --
• Introducing ARCHERY – tap targets to shoot a bullseye and earn extra

• New, amazing visuals. It looks better than ever!
• All new environments inspired by Disney/Pixar Brave and the wilds of Scotland
• Play as Merida from Disney/Pixar Brave
• Outrun Mordu, the demon bear, to earn running glory

Bonus: Download Temple Run: Brave and start running with $.99 worth

of coins for FREE, that’s 2500 coins for power-ups and more!
What's New
Minor bug fixes and optimized performance.

Required Android 2.3 and Higher.

Download APK:

Download APK Here: 36MB

Download APK:
Download APK Here: 36MB 

Download APK:


Download APK Here: 36MB

Lucky Patcher v3.5.4 APK Full Android

Remove ads from free apps or make the Pro version
This application allows you to have a chance to remove those famous

Google Ads (advertisements) of those application that you download the

Play Store.
As the name already says, "Patch lucky" some applications do not work

with him, it is a kind of Russian roulette.
Some applications may become Pro version, as in the case of Titanium

Backup, for example.
Just take your phone or tablet with Root.
How to use:
When you open the application, it will give you a list of all installed

applications on your phone.
Click and hold on any app, will be given a menu of options,
Typically works as follows: 
"Custom Patch" - Fits Pro leave the application, such as Titanium Backup downloaded version of Free Play Store.
"Remove Google Ads" - As you say, remove the advertisements,

can remove advertisements for games like Angry Bird, The Sims, and

many other applications.
"Fix Davilk Cache Changes" - Revert to previ…

My Boy GBA Emulator v1.5.10 APK Full Download Free

My Boy! - GBA Emulator v1.5.1.0 PLAY GOOGLE.

• Fastest emulation. Easily get to 60 FPS without frame skips on

medium-end devices.
• Excellent game compatibility. Run nearly all games without a problem.
• Saves your battery as much as possible.
• Link cable emulation either on the same device, or across devices over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, running at decent speed.
• Gyroscope/tilt/solar sensor and rumble emulation through your

Android's hardware sensors and vibrator!
• Enter multilined GameShark/ActionReplay/CodeBreaker cheat

codes and enable/disable them on the fly while the game is running.
• High-level BIOS emulation. No BIOS file needed.
• IPS/UPS ROM patching
• OpenGL rendering backend, as well as normal rendering on devices

without a GPU.
• Fast-forward to skip long stories, as well as slow down games to get

past a level you cannot in normal speed.
• Save games at any time with screenshot
• On-screen keypad (multi-touch requires Android 2.0 or later), as well as shortcut buttons such as load…

Riptide GP2 v1.0.1 APK Full Download Free

Riptide GP2 v1.0.1 PLAY GOOGLE
What's New
* Increased level cap to allow unlocking all skills (new cap is level 29)
* Earn in-game money and xp in online multiplayer matches
* Fixed/improved cloud storage sync dialog
* Quickmatch options for 2-4, 3-4, and 4 player matches
* Support for reverse landscape mode
* Gamepad auto-throttle option
* Support for Moga Pocket

Required Android 2.3 and Higher.

Download APK:


Download APK Here: 6.5MB

Download APK Mod Unlimited v1.0:


Download APK Here: 46.30MB

Alien Hive v2.4.3 APK Full Android Download Free

Alien Hive v2.4.3 PLAY GOOGLE

Alien Hive Features:

Evolving-aliens puzzle gameplay: hybrid of match-3 and sliding tile

puzzles ... it's a whole new type of puzzling fun
Match tiles to harvest resources, grow new species of aliens and zap the villainous Naughty Bots 
Chill out: pastel graphics and mellow soundtrack, with no time limit to

harsh the vibe 
Advance the alien society: collect and unleash dozens of Supreme Aliens 
Additional Fast Action Fun BLITZ MODE 
70 Achievements to suit all styles of play 
14 New Achievements for Blitz Mode 
Auto save game progress 
High Score and Achievements sharing on Facebook 
Free to play 

Universal app for Android 
Scoreloop support on Android
version 2.4.3
- Minor Bug fixed.

Required Android 2.3 and Higher.

Download APK:


Download APK Here: 40MB

Deep Dungeons of Doom v1.0.6 APK Full Download Free

Deep Dungeons of Doom v1.0.6 PLAY GOOGLE

This game is only for the brave. Dungeons await, each one deeper, each

one more perilous and each one more challenging than the last.

You will meet monsters and you will need skill and tactics to defeat them.

You will find weird and wonderful treasures along the way. Most will help

you, but some might not. You may choose to play as a Crusader, a Witch or

a Mercenary – in fact each one might well be required if you are to

successfully complete your quest – but knowing when to use each one is something you are going to have to figure out for yourself.

The reward for your endeavours? The Deepest Dungeon of Doom. Never

before has such evil existed on such a massive scale. Only the most battle-hardened rogues will stand a chance of making an impact.

Required Android 2.2 and Higher.

Download APK: 

Download APK Here: 35.8MB

Download APK: 


Download APK Here: 35.8MB

Asphalt 8 Airborne v1.0.0 APK+DATA Non Root Mod Unlimited Gold Money and Exp

Asphalt 8: Airborne v1.0.0 Google Play 

Asphalt 8 Airborne v1.0.0 APK+DATA Full Android Download Free

•47 high-performance cars (80% NEW!)
•Top licensed manufacturers and models like Lamborghini Veneno,

Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari FXX and Pagani Zonda R
• Newly recorded high fidelity car motor sounds for realistic audio


•Hit the ramps and take the race above
•Perform barrel rolls and wild 360ยบ jumps
•Maneuver through the air, pulling stunts while racing.

•Race in 9 different settings like Venice, French Guiana, Iceland, Nevada

Desert and other exciting locations!
• All tracks available in original and mirror variations in Career mode.
•Discover plenty of hidden shortcuts

•8 seasons & 180 events in the Career mode
•Stunning visuals thanks to next-gen shaders, real time geometry

reflection & other amazing effects for a new simulation of speed!
•A detailed damage system like nothing you’ve seen before
•Check out t…