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The Greedy Cave Mod Apk v1.2.1 [Unlimited Money/Latest]

A fierce gale from the north, news of his fame and fortune fanned across the kingdoms overnight, and kings sent their bravest warriors and adventurers to clear the cavern of monsters in search of treasure. Even peasants wanting a part of this newfound wealth partook in these expeditions. In no time at all, a bustling town had sprung up in this forgotten place. People set up camps, and formed their own groups to explore the cave. Clever merchants not missing this opportunity, built taverns and shops near the cave, selling equipment and potions to eager adventurers. At first everything seemed fine. As explorers delved into the caves, they encountered new creatures and discovered new treasures. Mysteries continued to poured forth from the cave, yet nobody knew where the source of the secrets lay. However, as the explorations continued, the balance of wealth beyond the cave began to waver, and cracks appeared among those adventurers who had previously worked arm-in-arm. The latecomers or weak, limited to wandering the upper levels of the cave, could only watch as the veteran adventurers brought treasure after treasure from the deep. They began harboring dark thoughts as they watched the veteran adventurers grow arrogant from their largesse, ordering people around, hoarding secrets from the rest. The place became a festering pool of suspicions and greed, mired in jealous rage.

The Greedy Cave Mod Apk

The Greedy Cave Hack Apk

The Greedy Cave Mod Apk Unlimited Money

WHAT'S NEW v1.2.1

New play mode: Dreamworld Challenge

In this play mode, you will challenge your ultimate survivability skills in.a strage new world. You also.have a chance at getting powerful rare special equipment. But be · warned, you only have one chance...

New languages: Japanese, German, Russian

Optimized text in game display

Set equipment now has a chance to generate an extra random stat

Current Version: 1.2.1

Requires Android: 2.3 and UP.

What is in MOD APK-1:

Unlimited Money

PLAY LINK The Greedy Cave





The Greedy Cave Mod Apk 66MB


The Greedy Cave Mod Apk 66MB


Install APK,and Play.

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